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Cooler Master GM27 Monitor Review_4

Our Verdict With only minor defects, the Cooler Master GM27-CF provides speedy performance at flat-rate prices. Fast and easy play action meet with high contrast and saturated colour for a great value option. But we could not get it to reach 200 Hz. For 165Hz Deep blacks High contrast and DCI-P3 coverage Vibrant image Against No sRGB mode Default gamma is too dim 200 Hz overclock caused flickering in our unit Go to page: Characteristics and Specifications Cooler Master has long been famous for its cooling elements, PC cases and power supplies. This year, it’s getting into displays with two new screens: the Cooler Master GM34-CW, the topic of this review, along with also the Cooler Master GM27-CF we reviewed earlier. The GM34-CW we are focused on now shows Cooler Master is not shy in its attempts to produce the best gaming monitor for the rig. For $300 at the time of writing, you get a 27-inch curved screen with an impressive 165 Hz that’s supposed to have the ability to climb to 200 Hz with all searchable. We had our qualms with overclocking to 200 Hz, but in this cost has Cooler Master come up with the right formulation for high performance gaming on a budget? Cooler Master GM27-CF Specifications Panel Type / BacklightVA / / W-LED, border arrayScreen Size, Aspect Ratio & Curve27 inches / 16:9; Curve radius: 1500mmMax Resolution & Refresh Rate1920x1080 @ Cooler Master GM27 Monitor Review 165Hz, 200Hz w/overclock, FreeSync Premium: HzNative Color Depth & Gamut8-bit / DCI-P3Response Timing (GTG)3msBrightness300 nitsContrast1Speakers2x 3wVideo InputsDisplayPort HDMI HDMI 1. 4Audio3. 5mm headset outputUSB 3. 0NonePower Consumption19. 3w, brightness @ 200 nitsPanel Dimensions (WxHxD w/base)x x inches (617 x x 239mm)Panel Thicknessinches (80mm)Bezel WidthTop/sides: inch (10mm); Bottom: inch (20mm)Weightpounds (5. 1kg)Warranty2 years under $300, the very best HDR screens are superior displays usually equipped with full-array local-dimming backlights. Certainly assesses a lot of boxes. Its VA panel claims high contrast, and Cooler Master also included extended colour with a measured 85 percent of this DCI-P3 gamut. There’s AMD FreeSync Premium to combat display tearing, but also for Nvidia graphics card consumers we also got G-Sync to operate on the monitor, although it’s not Nvidia-certified (you can observe how by reading our article on How to Run G-Sync onto a FreeSync Monitor). A white LED backlight operates flicker-free and has a low blue light mode to help combat eye fatigue. Along with a 1500R curvature helps wrap the action round the user’s peripheral vision only a bit more compared to same-sized flat display. What’s missing? Some may characterize the 1080p resolution. While there are higher-res screens , FHD does offer something higher pixel densities can not: super-fast frame rates with budget video cards. Enthusiasts on a budget or people with older systems will discover smooth functionality from a track such as the GM27-CF. The other omission is HDR

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