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Yimuna was born with the vision of redefining our relationship and perspective we have with our health. By starting at the very core of cellular nutrition, which are the foundational building blocks to our health, beauty, and lifestyle, we seek to nourish your cells with our clinically proven formulas. 

Our formulations paired with potent natural ingredients, patented raw ingredients, and peptides sustainably sourced through biotechnology, will bring you inner revitalization that you can feel. We aspire to provide knowledge, quality, and uncompromising approach for performance through our brand so you can choose wellness tailored to your needs.


Health Canada certified products . NPN (Natural Health Product Number)


Patented, Clean, Nature derived Empowered by science


Tailored to your needs

How are we different?

From our Canada labs, proud members of CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association), our Chief Scientific Officer brings years of experience with her team to formulate, source, and develop efficacious products for everyone. Determined to bring a higher quality of life to each age range, we incorporate patented, natural, clean ingredients in our products to target each area of health for people in all stages of life.

We not only use biotechnology to be mindful of the environment, but we are also constantly working to be available for people all around the world. That is why we have products that are also Halal Certified. All of our Yimuna products are Health Canada certified with NPN (Natural Health Product Number), GMO-free, Gluten-free, Artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives free. Our team will not only innovate our line of products, but also select products from all over the world with high standards in the industry and even higher standards for ingredients, quality, and design to bring you the best experience for all wellness, beauty, and personal care needs.

You can join us in sharing wellness, beauty, and love!

If you are a lover of our Yimuna products, join us in sharing wellness, beauty, and love through our exclusive 7-tier membership program! Enjoy different perks in each tier and exclusive markdowns, promotions, and benefits as a user and sharer. Learn more about what each tier offers and how you can start your journey today!

I no longer have to choose between natural products and products that work!

These are products with great results and derived from natural foods!

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Nourishment for your whole body, not just the surface.

Holistic vision of long-lasting health and wellness that involves skincare and so much

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